Clanranald Trust

The Clanranald Trust for Scotland is a registered charity (SC 024881) established in 1996 supported by a large contingent of volunteers (members).
These members are dedicated to promoting increased awareness of Scottish culture and heritage through interactive education and entertainment.

Activities include:
• period interactive education visits to schools and youth groups;
• public events; living history workshops and displays;
• film and TV work;
• corporate themed entertainment;
• Duncarron Medieval Village project; the members of the Trust are building a full-sized
fortified medieval village in the Carron Valley (near Denny/Stirling)
• restoration and development of part of the Antonine Wall near Bantaskine, Falkirk

The work of the Clanranald Trust has wide-ranging benefits to a variety of people. The members of the Trust build up their skills, both practical and social and experience a strong sense of belonging and of making a difference.

The Trust has it’s own website which can be found here: