Information for Spirit of Duncarron Visitors.

Some general information for those attending our Spirit of Duncarron event.
We want all of the visitors to our site to have a fun day and to be as safe as possible during their visit. The following advice is designed to help ensure that this happens! Do not not hesitate to contact us on
if you have any comments or questions regarding your visit.

Getting There:
Please click HERE for details on how to get to Duncarron Medieval Village.


Given the location of Duncarron, and the fact that the project is not yet complete, there may be issues accessing the site if you have mobility issues. If you require assistance (such as vehicular access to the site), please email – with ‘Duncarron Accessibility’ as the subject – outlining your specific requirements and we’ll do our best to ensure you can access the site.
All visitors should note that sensible footwear should be worn as some of the going may be rough underfoot. The site is open to the elements, so dressing for the Scottish weather is advisable!

Advice for Parents:
Parents of younger children should note that we have a very ‘hands-on’ policy with regards to Duncarron. And while we do our best to ensure that Duncarron is as safe as possible, parents should ensure that their children are adequately supervised during the visit. Climbing on stacked logs and other features within the site should be discouraged.
There will be loud music, so bringing some kind of ear protection – particularly for younger children – is advised.

Advice for Dog Owners:
Well behaved dogs are welcome at Duncarron Medieval Village, but please note the following:
Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times within the village.
Dog poop must be picked up and removed by owners.
Loud music may cause problems for sensitive dogs.
Please bring water for your dog, and be prepared for the Scottish weather!

Advice for camping:
Please click HERE for allocated areas for pitching tents and parking camper vans, along with other general advice for camping around Duncarron.

Other general information:
There will be food available to purchase, however visitors are more than welcome to bring their own food.
Spirit of Duncarron does NOT have a license for selling alcohol.
We don’t have the facilities to take card payments at Duncarron Medieval Village, so bring cash to avoid disappointment.
The majority of the activities available are free to take part in/included in the entry price, however we do make a small charge of £1 per 3 arrows for our ‘have-a-go’ archery.

If you have any further enquiries or comments regarding your visit to Spirit of Duncarron, please contact us at, heading your email with the subject ‘Duncarron Enquries’.

Issues regarding copyright, etc, should be directed to