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The Trust Volunteers

The Clanranald volunteers come from all walks of life, but the Trust gives precedence to involving people from disadvantaged backgrounds, many with complex difficulties who without the guidance of a dedicated mentor would possibly never participate in volunteering. Because the Trust has several avenues for volunteering we are able to suit each member to the project that best fits their abilities.

The Trust has seen an increase in the number of ex servicemen and women who, after returning from active duty, have had difficulty readjusting to home and work life. The Trust offers a non pressurised and non threatening environment for their skills and experience, enabling them to rebuild confidence in themselves and their abilities while adapting to civilian life.

The Trust is keen to encourage active involvement from young people who experience educational, social and economic disadvantage, including looked after and accommodated children and those leaving care, giving them the opportunity to be involved in projects that will maximise their skills and potential.

We have been working closely with Community Service teams from North Lanarkshire and Falkirk Councils since autumn 2008. These offenders often have difficulties including alcohol and drug issues added to their current situation as criminals serving time.
A large percentage of our long term volunteer members have come from similar backgrounds and difficult experiences which allow them to be the best team leaders and positive role models for these target groups.

Personal volunteer testaments indicate that social skills and personal development are enhanced by the opportunities offered and show improvements to health and well-being. There is independent evidence showing that volunteering at Duncarron reduces reoffending and helps individuals find stability.

The enhanced skills and knowledge base obtained by the volunteers lead to increased access to education and employment. Many of our volunteers have improved communication skills and an increased ability to co-operate in organised team work through the mentoring of fellow volunteers from similar socio-economic backgrounds who have participated in training opportunities. We have had an increase in individuals who, after having served community service at Duncarron, join the Trust as general volunteers.


Getting Involved

If you feel you would like to get involved with The Clanranald Trust and Duncarron, please contact our office :-

  • 27 High Street
  • Kincardine
  • Alloa
  • UK
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Please give a bit of information about yourself and we will be in touch.