Pirates and Vikings and Music, Oh My!

Well, our summer season is well and truly over for 2016, and what a summer it has been! We kicked off with Saor Patrol hosting our Spirit of Duncarron event, with special guest Ted Christopher. Trust volunteers brought the world of the Jacobites to life, while Saor Patrol and guests provided the entertainment. Next year’s ‘Spirit’ event is already in the works – follow our social networking pages to keep up-to-date with all future events.

Next on the agenda, we were once again honoured and delighted to be a part of the Royal Highland Show – Scotland’s biggest agricultural event. We brought Medieval Scotland to life with our encampment at the Countryside Arena, as well as demonstrating medieval battle techniques. One of the highlights for our volunteers, was taking part in our ‘famous’ Children’s Battles – which gives younger visitors a chance to test their mettle against trained warriors from Combat International!

Duncarron played host to a wealth of female musical talent from across the planet, who came to take part in the inaugural Pandora Fest. The festival aimed to address the gender imbalance in music today, and one thing the acts performing proved was, that this imbalance certainly isn’t down to a lack of talent or creativity! The Clanranald Trust for Scotland strongly support gender equality, and we were delighted to host this event. We certainly hope that our relationship with the event organisers continues long into the future. Look out for details of Pandora Fest 2017!

If you were in the historic village of Culross on the 23rd or 24th of July, you might have noticed a bit of a pirate presence. The National Trust for Scotland invited us to breathe life into their swash-buckling event, and our volunteers were happy to oblige! Arrrrrrrr, that they were!

Our final event was a bit of an up-and-down event. The Viking era is a favourite of many of our members, and our Viking events is always something that we look forward to. Unfortunately, extreme weather led to the Sunday being cancelled. Event cancellations – especially at short notice – are not something we take lightly. As well as greatly enjoying these events ourselves, we appreciate that people take time to visit us, and we really don’t like disappointing those who support our project. However, anyone who lives in Scotland will know that we are often slaves to our lovely climate, and these types of decisions are outwith our control. We’d like to thank everyone who visited the event the Saturday, and once again apologise to those who were hoping to visit on the Sunday.

Our summer was also full of various exciting filming commitments and other educational projects, so it was a busy time indeed. Looking to the future, the next event at Duncarron will be at Halloween, and then we have our Yule events to look forward to as well. As always, details of these upcoming events will appear on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us to keep up-to-date.

As always, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who support our project and visit our events. We’d also like to thank all of our volunteers – their passion – and your passion –  for Scotland’s past and for our Duncarron project is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to the continued support from ALL of you. Thank you ALL so much!

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Image: Ned, Solveig and Heather at Culross.


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