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January 2015 Update
Well, there was no easing into the new year for us at The Trust. We officially moved into ChurcHQ (the former St Kessogs in Callander – see the ‘contact us’ tab for details) – as in we have internet and phone connection in place. There’s still work to be done before we finally bid farewell to our Kincardine base for good. We’d link to invite you along to our new HQ for an open weekend – details of this are available under the ‘events‘ tab under the page banner.

As part of our fund-raising work, we worked alongside the National Trust for Scotland to promote the new Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre. A new advertising floor ‘poster’ was unveiled at Stirling Train Station, which features members of The Trust. Some of the guys who are featured in the poster, along with our Chief, Charlie Allan, attended the launch and apparently caused quite a stir in full medieval battle dress!

TV Shows
Last March, we worked with Ireland’s Tile Films on the ‘After Braveheart’ production, alongside Scottish actor Clive Russell. The documentary had its airing on the RTE channel on the 14th and 22nd of January and was well received. Not only did Clanranald Trust volunteers and members of our trained warrior group, Combat International, take part in the production, but DunCarron Medieval Village was used as a location and definitely looks the part on TV!
This month, we also worked with a Norwegian production company on a project that was being filmed in here in Scotland. More details of this project will be shared soon.
Our final piece of TV came as Charlie and the lads of Saor Patrol guested on BBC One’s prime time magazine programme, The One Show on Friday 23rd Jan. It was excellent exposure for the band, and saw sales of their Outlander album soar, sending it up the charts – to number 3 in the Independent Album Chart at time of wriing!

Today (Saturday 31st Jan) also saw our first visit to DunCarron this year. We would have been up to check the site earlier, but we had no power or water onsite. The Village sustained no damage despite the stormy and wintry weather which saw in the start of the year.

Finally, and in other news – Odin became front page news with the Stirling Observer running an article on our take-over of the former St Kessogs Church in Callendar!

This year is already shaping up to be a busy one, so please bookmark this page and visit it regularly, along with our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, to keep up-to-date.


Image: Saor Patrol with One Show hosts Chris Evans and Alex Jones, along with journalist/presenter Jeremy Paxman. Credit unknown.

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