A busy January for the Trust

The first month of the new year is coming to an end, and what a month it has been! This January, The Clanranald Trust for Scotland has:

  • Seen our Chief visit Australia at the request of friend and Trust supporter Russell Crowe.
  • Had our volunteers shoot a new advertising campaign for the National Trust for Scotland.
  • Seen us become involved in no less than ELEVEN new filming projects!
  • Seen work continue on the roundhouse roof at DunCarron Medieval Village.
  • And seen the release of Charlie’s Army on DVD!

Plus, on top of all that, we’ve been busy planning our part in the Bannockburn 2014 commemorations and looking ahead to our own ‘open day’ weekends at DunCarron Medieval Village.

So, not a bad start to 2014 with many more busy months to look forward to this year. We hope your year got off to as great a start as ours did.


Clan at work