The Hammer of the Gods…

The hammer of the gods have driven the Vikings from Duncarron. They’re off to find new lands! A big THANK YOU to all of you who visited our event, especially those who visited on the rather wet Saturday! Those who did visit on Saturday, however, did get to see behind the scenes of a TV production as Duncarron once again played host to a film crew. Our village will be co-starring in a new children’s TV series, which will arrive soon on a well-known children’s TV channel!

Unfortunately, Vikings at Duncarron will be our last event on site this year. We’re just too busy to host another one – a huge chunk of our guys are filming non-stop from August right up to December! This film work is very exciting – TWO massive projects – and we can’t wait to give you more details on this.

We will be appearing at the Mary Queen of Scots festival in September, bringing Mary’s world to life,  and we’d love for you to come along and see us in action there!

To see pics from our Vikings event, click HERE

Image: Some of our volunteers demonstrate a shield wall.

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Spirit of Duncarron 2017 is Over!

Sprit of Duncarron is over, and there are a few people to thank, beginning with YOU – the lovely people who came to visit us, from Germany, Canada and just down the road! We’re always humbled to see that people love our project and support the work that we do. It really means so much to us.
We’d also like to thank the fantastic Saor Patrol and The Dolmen for providing the awesome music. A huge thanks must also go to ALL of our volunteers who put on the event. From managing it, prepping the site, buying the supplies and to talking to visitors on the day. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and our volunteers gave up quite a bit of their time to ensure Spirit went ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Our next event is VIKINGS in July – keep watching our pages for details of that event.
You can view pics from the event on our Facebook album (link below). If you have pics of the weekend and you’d like to send them to us, please email our social media peasant at…

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Spirit 2017 Information Notice.

Spirit of Duncarron Information Notice.

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased ‘at-the-gate’, but please note that there are no facilities to take card payments at Duncarron. Click HERE to purchase tickets online!

DOGS: Well behaved dogs are welcome, but please note the following:
Dogs MUST be on a leash at ALL times within Duncarron Medieval Village.
Poo bags MUST be used.
Bring water and food for your dog.
There will be the THUNDER OF SAOR PATROL and some shouting, etc, so the event may not be suitable for nervous dogs.

You are more than welcome to camp, but please note:
SPACES CANNOT BE RESERVED – There is no guarantee of getting a space to park a camper or pitch a tent!
There is NO camping permitted within the actual village palisade.
Camping is also not permitted in our car park. We’re hoping it will be full of visitor’s cars! The preferred site for tents is the grassy area, under the trees beside the road that leads to the Duncarron car park.
There is no electricity or water available for campers.
Campers are responsible for removing their own rubbish.
There is no service for emptying chemical toilets in caravans.
There are toilets on site.
Our pre-event team will be on site from Thursday, feel free to ask them any questions regarding camping.
Food and Drink:
We advise visitors to bring a packed lunch!

There will be some food available to buy (stew/soup/ploughman’s lunch TBC)
The event is not licensed, we will be offering soft drinks and water to buy.
The Bunny Coffee Hutch will be on site on the Sunday of the event, selling delicious coffee and cakes!

We hope your visit to Spirit of Duncarron will be an enjoyable one. If you have any further questions, please email us at

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Who or What is a Saor Patrol?!

Newer friends and supporters might be wondering who or what Saor Patrol is. Basically, it’s a Celtic rock band with a mission – to raise awareness of Scottish culture, and, more specifically, to raise funds and awareness to build Duncarron Medieval Village.
The Clanranald Trust for Scotland founder and Chief, Charlie Allan, had the idea for putting the band together during the filming of the 1999 Ridley Scott movie ‘Gladiator’ (the movie which also began Charlie’s friendship with Russell Crow).
Charlie taught himself how to play the bagpipes, and ‘informed’ some friends – including current band members Mark and Kev – that they would be forming a band with him! Steve brought his guitar skills to the band in 2010, and the current line-up was completed by Andre in 2015.
The band has played around the world, and everywhere they play, they find new friends who support our Duncarron Village project.
You can see Saor Patrol play live – at a rare Scottish gig – at our Spirit of Duncarron 2017 event.
You can learn more about the band members by clicking on this link to the official Saor Patrol website:
More info about Spirit – including online ticketing – can be found by navigating to the event using the site’s ‘Events’ tab, or by clicking HERE.

Image: Official Saor Patrol poster, created by friend of the trust Marcel Bahnen of

Computer Games, Jacobites and Herb Gardens!

We fund the Duncarron Medieval Village project in many ways, some of which are a bit unusual for a history-based charity. For example; the skills of our trained warriors, at Combat International, are not only in demand for live-action movie shoots, but they have also been contracted to bring computer game characters to life. The lastest ‘Dawn of War’ game, the imaginatively entitled ‘Dawn of War III’ is one such project. You can watch a ‘making of’ vid of this production by clicking HERE!

Another fundraising project we have recently been involved with is an advertising campaign for The National Trust for Scotland. The campaign features Jacobites, which we were happy to supply! We’ll add a link to the campaign as soon as one becomes available. You can view our short, but sweet, appearance in the advertising campaign here:

Work on site has been ongoing this month, with our main project being the upgrading of our herb garden. Herbs were widely used in medicines and in cooking, so such a garden would not have been out of place in a medieval fortified village. If you’re coming along to Spirit of Duncarron in June, you’ll be able to see them on site.

We’ve added a new ‘Galleries’ feature to the page and you can see some images of the garden in progress. The ‘Galleries’ will be added to, showing images of events and projects at The Village, so make sure you check in regularly! You can get the Galleries by following the page’s toolbar tab (under the header banner) or by clicking HERE!

Finally, and talking about the header banner, we have a new one! Isn’t it pretty! A huge thank you to friend of the trust, Paul Reeves, for putting it together for us. Be sure to follow our Clanranald, Duncarron, Education and Combat International Facebook pages for more information on the work that The Clanranald Trust for Scotland does.

Image: Combat International volunteers go Jacobite for The National Trust for Scotland.

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Easter Fundraiser!

Our Easter fundraiser was held over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of April. Loads of you came along, and it was especially great to see so many youngsters taking part in the crafting activities that we laid on! A huge thank you to all of you who came to see us, and another huge thank you to our volunteers who gave up their weekend to help out – both at HQ and at Duncarron itself.
While we were having fun at our HQ, another team of volunteers was on site working on our upgraded herb garden. Herbs were used as medicines, as well as in cooking, so this would have been an invaluable area of any medieval fortified village.
Our next major fundraiser will be SPIRIT OF DUNCARRON, which will be held at the Village itself. We’re delighted to have the awesome Dolmen adding to the THUNDER of Saor Patrol. Great music and medieval mayhem, what’s not to like?
Pics from the Easter fundraiser can be found HERE!
Details of Spirit of Duncarron can be found HERE!
Link to the official Spirit facebook event page is HERE!

Thanks again to all who came to, or helped out with, our Easter fundraiser. We hope to see you again in June!

Image: Callander local Wayne, and his boys, enjoying our eggcellent Easter fundraiser!

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Angling, a Sci-fi Con & The Smithsonian?

Angling, a Sci-Fi Con and the Smithsonian – that’s how we kicked off 2017!

We were once again delighted to be a part of the ceremony that began the salmon fishing season on the River Teith. Angling is not only important to rural economies, attracting anglers from around the globe, it’s also highly important for securing the future of fish species – like the Atlantic salmon – by ensuring that the waterways that the fish use are free from pollutants, etc.

We were excited to be a part of this year’s Capital Sci-fi Con – which raised an amazing £73,608.97 for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (aka CHAS). Members from our Combat International team spoke about their work in movies, and Trust volunteers spoke about the work that we do at Clanranald, including the Duncarron Medieval Village project. It was great to raise awareness of our work, while helping to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause!

As if this wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we were interviewed by employees of The Smithsonian Museum – we spoke about the importance of interactive, hands on educational techniques even in this digital age. We both understand the importance of giving young people a real taste of their history in order to enhance their educational experience. Learning should always be fun! And while we were being interviewed by the Smithsonian, Duncarron itself was being photographed for inclusion into a directory of exciting and interesting film locations in Scotland. Hopefully this will bring further awareness and fundraising opportunities for our project in the future.

Looking to the rest of the year – we already have 4 confirmed events this year, which can be viewed by hovering over the events tab on our webpage. Please check our webpage and social media pages regularly (Clanranald Trust & Duncarron on Facebook) as more events will be added, and more details for confirmed events will be made available. We really hope that you can come along to one of these events to see the work that we do first hand!

Image: Members of Combat International rock ‘The Krampus’ and meet a couple of Wookies at 2017’s Capital Sci-fi Con.


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Pirates and Vikings and Music, Oh My!

Well, our summer season is well and truly over for 2016, and what a summer it has been! We kicked off with Saor Patrol hosting our Spirit of Duncarron event, with special guest Ted Christopher. Trust volunteers brought the world of the Jacobites to life, while Saor Patrol and guests provided the entertainment. Next year’s ‘Spirit’ event is already in the works – follow our social networking pages to keep up-to-date with all future events.

Next on the agenda, we were once again honoured and delighted to be a part of the Royal Highland Show – Scotland’s biggest agricultural event. We brought Medieval Scotland to life with our encampment at the Countryside Arena, as well as demonstrating medieval battle techniques. One of the highlights for our volunteers, was taking part in our ‘famous’ Children’s Battles – which gives younger visitors a chance to test their mettle against trained warriors from Combat International!

Duncarron played host to a wealth of female musical talent from across the planet, who came to take part in the inaugural Pandora Fest. The festival aimed to address the gender imbalance in music today, and one thing the acts performing proved was, that this imbalance certainly isn’t down to a lack of talent or creativity! The Clanranald Trust for Scotland strongly support gender equality, and we were delighted to host this event. We certainly hope that our relationship with the event organisers continues long into the future. Look out for details of Pandora Fest 2017!

If you were in the historic village of Culross on the 23rd or 24th of July, you might have noticed a bit of a pirate presence. The National Trust for Scotland invited us to breathe life into their swash-buckling event, and our volunteers were happy to oblige! Arrrrrrrr, that they were!

Our final event was a bit of an up-and-down event. The Viking era is a favourite of many of our members, and our Viking events is always something that we look forward to. Unfortunately, extreme weather led to the Sunday being cancelled. Event cancellations – especially at short notice – are not something we take lightly. As well as greatly enjoying these events ourselves, we appreciate that people take time to visit us, and we really don’t like disappointing those who support our project. However, anyone who lives in Scotland will know that we are often slaves to our lovely climate, and these types of decisions are outwith our control. We’d like to thank everyone who visited the event the Saturday, and once again apologise to those who were hoping to visit on the Sunday.

Our summer was also full of various exciting filming commitments and other educational projects, so it was a busy time indeed. Looking to the future, the next event at Duncarron will be at Halloween, and then we have our Yule events to look forward to as well. As always, details of these upcoming events will appear on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us to keep up-to-date.

As always, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who support our project and visit our events. We’d also like to thank all of our volunteers – their passion – and your passion –  for Scotland’s past and for our Duncarron project is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to the continued support from ALL of you. Thank you ALL so much!

Clanranald Trust:


Image: Ned, Solveig and Heather at Culross.


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The Sound of Music!

This summer, the Carron Valley will be filled with the sound of music! We have not one, but two awesome music events lined up for the next couple of months.

First up, we have our annual Spirit of DunCarron event, hosted by the amazing Saor Patrol. With their popularity in Europe, this is a rare home gig for Charlie and the guys. And with DunCarron Medieval Village being the band’s ‘spiritual’ home, this is really a must for all Saor Patrol fans.

Then, in July, we play host to the amazing Pandora Fest. This is Scotland’s first music festival which promotes and celebrates female musical talent. The event is open to everyone – even persons of the non-male variety  – and is promising to be a day of fantastic music, played by a wealth of talent from both here at home and internationally.

For details of these spectacular events in central Scotland, check out our EVENTS tab.


Busy, busy, busy!

It’s been a while since the page has been updated, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing anything! We’ve been busy with filming, including the Starz TV series Outlander, documentaries, a Norwegian TV series and Hollywood movies! It’s not just about filming though, as our newly updated EVENTS guide shows. Use the drop-down Events menu for more details of upcoming events.

This year kicks off with our fantastic Easter event, which looks at Scandinavian and Eastern European traditions involving Witches, along with traditional Easter fun for all ages.

We are also looking forward to a Summer of Music with Saor Patrol making a rare Scottish appearance at our Spirit of DunCarron event. If that wasn’t enough, we are extremely proud and delighted to be hosting the Pandora Fest. at The Village. This festival showcases the best in female talent, and promises to be a truly amazing event.

There will be a bit of an Outlander feel to the Spirit of DunCarron event with a Jacobite theme. Visitors will be able to learn more about Scotland in the 17th & 18th centuries, as we bring to life the sites and sounds of this often turbulent period in Scottish history. We stay in the 17th century as we bring Pirates to life in the historic Royal Burgh of Culross. This amazing event is in association with The National Trust for Scotland and will be one of the truly unique events in Scotland this year.

After the huge success of the inaugural Mary Queen of Scots Festival last year, we are absolutely delighted to be a part of the festival this year! With jousting, kitchens, armoury, birds of prey and horses, we’ll really be bringing Mary’s world to life for visitors. A date for the diary of any fan of Mary and the time she lived.

October sees the return of Zombies at DunCarron, If you survived last year, you may not survive this year! We are also having a Halloween fun event at our HQ. And as the year draws to a close, we are excited to once again be a part of the Callander Winter Fest, and will be hosting our own Yule event at DunCarron.

So, it’s certainly shaping up to be another fantastic year for events. These are only the confirmed events and there may be more to come! Events may be subject to change, so please check the EVENTS info on our webpage, like our Facebook accounts and follow us on Twitter for updates.

We really hope to see you at one of our events, as we share and celebrate Scotland’s fantastic, rich history, culture and music!

Image: The Witches of Clanranald at last year’s Easter event.


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